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Restore Ease in Your Relationship With Food, Your Body & Your Mind

Online Nutrition Counseling with Dawn Lundin

Dawn Lundin


As a registered dietitian + endurance athlete, Dawn has the nutrition education & lived experience to help you with your nutrition & athletic-related goals. 

She dabbled in team sports as a child, found marathon running in college and transitioned to endurance mountain bike racing as an adult. 

She supports regular folks, active individuals, student-athletes, weekend warriors and those who want to tackle self-support events.

Whatever your goals are, Dawn promises to be the nutrition cheerleader you never knew that you needed.



Let's Get Started

Our approach to nutrition is as unique as you are. No two individuals are the same and neither should your nutrition. We get to know our clients to help them make changes they can maintain for the long haul. The resources and frequency of sessions is unique to your goals and level of support that you need. 

In addition to offering support for individual athletes, we support teams, events and communities. 

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