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Restore Ease in Your Relationship With Food, Your Body & Your Mind

Online Nutrition Counseling with Dawn Lundin

Dawn Lundin


As a registered dietitian + endurance athlete, Dawn has the nutrition education & lived experience to help you with your nutrition & athletic-related goals.  As a marathon runner who was diagnosed with Celiac disease in her early twenties, she has experienced

first-hand what it is like to make an incredible change to the foods she was eating. 


For the first time, she also felt the pull of wanting familiar foods that she was no longer able to eat. What you eat prior to a key workout or race can have a big impact but there is another key component that most people fail to remember; your mindset. Eating foods that are familiar to your gastrointestinal tract during a race will allow your mind to focus on your event whether it’s running a marathon or walking across a parking lot. 


Your mindset about food can impact your everyday life from your activities of daily living, your sleep, your mood and the things you enjoy.  I can help you restore ease in your relationship with food so that ease can carry over into other areas of your life.


Start Your Journey Now

Your first appointment is an opportunity to get to know you!

We will discuss your medical history, food choices, exercise habits and any food related concerns that you have. As well as any nutrition related concerns and how you can be supported in making changes. 


These changes may include loosening your food rules, shifting your association between body size + health, adding more of something into your day and reframing thoughts about your body image.


We are all unique individuals and have unique nutrition needs. 

Your first appointment will be as unique as you are.  You can expect to discuss the foods you typically eat, where you eat them, who you eat with, your thoughts about food & your food choices and your feelings before, while and after you're eating. 

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