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Self-Support Nutrition

In the event where you can only depend on yourself,

You're gonna need a nutrition plan for that.

What Does a #finisher and                  

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               Have in Common?


A #greendot.

What You'll Learn

What You'll Get

Everything You Need to #Finish a Self-Support Event

Monthly Group Video Call

On-Demand Videos

Private Facebook Group

Weekly Menu

Individualized Feedback from Endurance Sport Dietitian

Program Runs From Registration until Race Day

- Early Bird Sale -

50% off $450

Through 11:59PM EST 10/15/23


Meet Dawn - Your biggest cheerleader for all things nutrition.

Dawn was introduced to Marji Gesick by a client in 2021. They needed a #quitter proof nutrition plan for the MG50. That nutrition plan helped that client earn their #greendot. The story doesn't end there.

Since then, Dawn has earned some #greendots of her own (MG15 2022, MG50 2023) and launched Self-Support Nutrition where she has helped fuel #greendots in the MG50, MG100 and duathlon.

Will you be next?

"Without Dawn's advice and dialing in my [nutrition] plan for Marji, I'd probably be lost in the woods."

MG50 #finisher 2023

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