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Grateful For ONE Year of Supporting You

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Yesterday marked one year here at Restore Ease Dietetics. I brainstormed what I want to highlight in this very special blog post. While I have had many topics rolling around in my mind (a term I coin mental gymnastics), I keep coming back to gratitude.

To Our Clients [and Their Parents]

Thank you for trusting us to support you with your nutrition-related needs. From eating disorders to building nutrition plans for athletes and everywhere in between. Your continued support in us allows our business to grow. Adolescent and young adult eating disorders have been the primary client load this year. We feel honored to be filling this special niche within our local community and beyond.

To Our Referral Sources

Thank you for supporting our business by referring your customers, clients and patients to our practice. The success that we have seen in year one would not be possible without your referrals. The power of a healthcare team is incredible not only for the patient or client but for each individual healthcare provider. Thank you for including us as part of your patient and client's healthcare team. We have also been overwhelmed with the response from the community. We have loved connecting with others through educational presentations for NMU Athletics, Queen City Running Co., Because Trails, Marji Gesick and TeamRunRun.

Dawn standing next to the Queen City Running Company logo.

To Our Support Team

The most surprising thing when opening our practice was how it felt to hire other female business owners to support our practice. Anne Ludwig created our brand and website so clients get a sense of who we are as practitioners and as a business. Abby of Lahti Photo who captures the essence of our brand in the images you see on our website and social media pages. Kristen of Papertrails Greeting Co who designed our business cards, custom greeting cards and #relationshipgoals stickers. This has allowed our practice to provide connection that only snail mail can bring a person. Nicole of VOS Financial allows us to be confident in our financial decisions and handles our taxes.

Dawn holding a hamburger and smiling while sitting at a table.
Photo Credit Lahti Photography

To My Family

Last night, as I crawled into bed, my husband wished me a happy business anniversary. My response was, "It wouldn't have happened without you." That is the truth. My husband has believed in me from day one. He has allowed me the time to meet with clients and work on our business, encouraged me to hire childcare, converted half of our garage into a home office and supported me each step of the way. To my boys, who have watched me build our practice from the ground up. They were the first to hold one of our business cards and to proudly display our #relationshipgoals sticker on their water bottle. You all inspire me to be brave and to face new experiences as opportunities.

Dawn, husband and three sons hugging in the beach grass.
Photo Credit Lahti Photography

To Our Followers

We are so happy you are here! Thanks for being apart of Restore Ease Dietetics from the very beginning. We are incredibly grateful for what we have accomplished in year one. It wouldn't have happened without your support. We can't wait for the exciting things to come in year two!

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