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They See Me [Polar] Rollin'

We are stoked to be a sponsor of the 2023 Polar Roll. It is the first race our practice has sponsored and definitely won't be the last.

Our main reason for supporting the Polar Roll is that it's an incredible local event which supports an incredible non-profit in our local community, the 906 Adventure Team. The 906 Adventure Team is committed to getting more kids on bikes and you know we are in support of that! Another reason this race has our interest is as an endurance event, nutrition can be your limiting factor. We just so happen to know a lot about endurance nutrition. All around it's an opportunity for us to support an amazing event, an incredible non-profit and a bunch of determined athletes!

As a sponsor, we are joined by three local bike shops. We had the opportunity to visit each of them in the last few weeks to highlight sports nutrition products that they carry.

They are a bike and ski shop in Ishpeming, Michigan that carries one of our favorite sports nutrition brands, Skratch Labs. Our favorite product from Skratch Labs is the Super High Carb drink mix (formerly known as Superfuel). What do we love about it? It's just such an efficient use of nutrition. Calories, check. Carbohydrates, check. Electrolytes, check. Fluid, check. Fun fact: Having electrolytes in your bottle can delay your fluids from freezing. True story. We also recommend starting with hot water in any fluids you're not going to drink first. You can thank us when temps dip down below freezing (looking at you ultra riders).

They are a bike and ski shop in Marquette, Michigan that also carries two sports nutrition brands that make products using maple syrup. When talking to the shop crew, they love the large pouch of Embark Elderberry Maple Energy.

Untapped is another sports nutrition brand you can find here that has maple syrup in both their waffles and energy gels. We recommend keeping your gels close to your body to prevent it from freezing.

They are a bike and ski shop in Marquette, Michigan that carries a plant-based sports nutrition, ProBar. Their Meal On-The-Go Bars are high in calories and comes in a variety of flavors. We recommend bringing foods in an assortment of textures. That way you won't get tired of eating one thing. Having foods like bars or waffles that require chewing and resemble actual food can be helpful when recovering from a "bonk" or that feeling when you're running out of energy.

While we recommend trialing your sports nutrition products well in advance to race day, if you're scrambling to figure out what to bring to meet the 1000 calorie requirement for the start of the 2023 Polar, you can download our FREE Polar Roll Fueling Guide here.

Good luck to all those who are Polar Rollin' this weekend and this winter if you're doing the EX. Fuel well & give 'em heck!

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